Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I HEART YA #10: Look at Me! I'm King of My World!

Welcome to the 9th weekly I HEART YA Blog Carnival! I HEART YA is a Blog Carnival for readers, writers, and lovers of young adult fiction. Every Tuesday there will be a blogging prompt that celebrates my favorite reading genre --YA fiction. Bloggers are invited to write their own take on the topic and post a link in the comment section, or if you prefer just put your thoughts in the comments. Either way, if you own a blog, grab the button to show your pride, and add your link to the list below. If you're not sure what to do, go to the I HEART YA tab for more details. 

Confession time: I love writing. Absolutely totally love it. But I'm not sure why. I sometimes get so caught up in my writing that I forget to get dressed, or eat, or even drink. A day spent writing can feel like minutes. At the same time, I know how weird that is. Some folks might even consider a day spent writing as torture. I do think that part of the appeal for me is some deep-seated control issue thing. I love that I get to literally create my characters and the space they inhabit. Discovering new places and concepts is also the appeal of reading. But when I get to not just discover, but create those things, life is good. 

I'm currently working on the details of my very own made up planet. Which I have to say is awesome. A whole planet that only exists in my brain. (Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh.) (Did I mention I just went with the fam to see the newest Muppet movie? I totally recommend it. And that maniacal laugh thing might even be funny once you do.)

So what about you? If you're writer, here's your chance to tell us about the people or places that you've created. If you're not, put on your imagination cap and tell us what amazing world you would create if you had the chance.

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  1. I'm so sorry I've missed a couple weeks of I Heart YA! I got a new job and my schedule got all thrown off. I think I'm settled now. :)

    ooo I love this prompt! I hope others blog about it, I'd love to see what everyone is working on!

    Here's my post: http://pidginpeasbooknook.blogspot.com/2012/03/i-heart-ya-carnival-7-look-at-me-im.html

    1. Thanks for posting - hope others come too! I've been crazy for the last few days too so I haven't been able to check in. Heading over to your post now!

  2. Argh! I'm always late getting in on these things. It IS a good prompt!

    I, as you know, am continually amazed at the ability to create worlds, people, scenes, plots, plot twists!, story lines, etc. I'm that person you're writing for, the one who is not gonna see it coming--not from a mile away--who is going to reread it just to see if I can figure it out this time. I'm the one who falls in love with your characters and misses them like lost friends when the book is over. I kind of like that I don't have an author's brain. I think it lets me enjoy the story without over analyzing. I can get lost in that world you created and hardly come up for air until I've exhausted every last page.

    Aside from my blessingcurse of seeing every editing error, I am the one who will appreciate--even be gobsmacked by--the world inside your head. Now write me some more stuff! I'm hungry!