Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Heart YA #23: School Time!

Welcome to the 23rd monthly I Heart YA Blog Carnival! I HEART YA is a Blog Carnival for readers, writers, and lovers of young adult fiction. Every 2nd Tuesday I’ll post a blogging prompt that celebrates the best reading genre possible--YA fiction.

Today's topic? School, of course! I happen to love, love, love school! Mostly now that I'm sending my kids instead of going there myself. But even back in the day I was a fan. (You have to be a bit of a school nerd to pick writing as a hobby, right?)

I happened to get an email this morning inviting me to a Q&A on Goodreads with Lois Lowry, which took me back a decade or so to a reading assignment for one of my daughters. She's a bright thing (my daughter that is. Lois is too, obviously) - has her master's degree even (daughter again). But sometimes assignments for great literature come at a time that we have more important things going on (like trying to figure out how to get #1 hottie-of-the-month to ask us to the dance) and we can't get past the fact that the book has a bazillion words and we only have a few hours to read it.

That's how it was with my daughter and The Giver.She came to me all frustrated because her teacher told her to find themes of "choice" and she couldn't find a single thing that had to do with choice. (ie. she was skimming for the word and hadn't found it.) I hadn't read it, but grabbed it up and was immediately immersed in the story. But it was lost on dear daughter.

For me it was The Hobbit. Great book, I know. But to me at that particular time in history it was this gigantic word count about some elves and magic. (I KNOW! They are NOT elves!) I never got past it, to me that's all it's about. Even when the fam wants to watch Lord of the Rings, I'm all - it's just a story about elves and magic! (YEAH, I KNOW! They're NOT elves. Enough already!)

So what about you, did you ever have a story that was ruined by being given as an assignment at the wrong time? Or better yet, were you introduced to something that opened a world you'd never imagined? (That is the point, right?)

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  1. Fun topic! :)

    The Giver made my list too, although it was on the "opened a world" side for me. And I was the SAME WAY with The Hobbit. I just didn't get it. Honestly, I still don't appreciate it like everyone else seems to.

    Here's my post:

  2. I read The Giver with a girl I was tutoring and loved it. I have to read the others that are part of the series (but don't relate to the same characters). I am right there with you when it comes to the Hobbit. I had to read it for an assignment for school- and I was focused on other things. I don't feel the same love that other people feel for it. A book that I had to read for an assignment that changed me- lots of them- The Color Purple, I am the Cheese, The Chocolate War, and Night are some that come to mind. Great post!