About Me

I'm told by my pre-teen son that I'm not the Coolest Mom. (Despite the fact that I'm a young adult fiction author! Can you imagine?)

Apparently spending your days in pajamas slumped over a computer does not score you points in the Cool Mom department. But I suspect Cool Mom in my son's world means someone who gives you everything you ask for. We Nerdy Moms are obviously the ones who know what we're doing. 

Besides, I get to play Cool Mom or Nerdy Dad or Tough Teen or Adorable Little Girl whenever I feel like it. It's a pretty sweet life.

Favorite things? Toddler hugs. Followed closely by chocolate. Plus keeping someone up all night reading one of my stories. Yeah, that's pretty awesome.

I've done all the things expected of a writer of my (a-hum) years: earned a bachelor's degree, published in a different genre, and worked in the real world in both marketing and journalism. This is my first venture into writing young adult fiction. My imaginary friends and I are very excited.

(You'll find all the characters listed above in my new paranormal romance Extra Normal, to be released early 2012.)

You can find me in these places:

Goodreads: https:www.goodreads.com/suzereese
Facebook: https:www.facebook.com/suzereese
Twitter: https:www.twitter/suze_reese
Email: extranormalbooks@suzereese.com